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I’ve been shrinking closets for almost a year now, starting right here with Vogue editors themselves. Since then, I’ve become something of a garment whisperer, a wardrobe therapist helping people relieve their spaces of clutter Gone are too many vintage white romantic blouses, Miu Miu clogs, and those deliciously butter-soft Balenciaga motorcycle bags from years past. Over the Be Positive Photographer Shirt What’s more,I will buy this past months, I’ve seen it all and heard all the storiesreceipts from Fashion Weeks abroad, old passport photos, and even a signed Bob Dylan Styrofoam plate kicking around in a random vintage bag. Yes, that really happened. And yet, while I’ve sifted and schlepped other people’s things, I’ve never taken the time to actually shrink my own closet.

Be Positive Photographer Shirt

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Now, since being in self-isolation, I’ve attempted paring back my closet all on my own. Like many of my clients, at first I attempted to shrink my closet entirely alone I opened a drawer, poked around a few T-shirts, then shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching Netflix. I get it. It’s overwhelming to do the Be Positive Photographer Shirt What’s more,I will buy this task by oneself. I’m like any other person, and my drawers and hangers are saddled with emotions. There’s the first blazer that I interviewed for this very job in I can’t believe I wore a blazer, my first gift from a designer a pair of hand-painted jeans, sweaters from my mother a hole in each one, and an ex-boyfriend’s denim jacket he drew on the back of it for me.

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