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In other words, I am my own worst client. It’s always easy enough to advise other people about what they need to do to fix their own lives, but what happens when you don’t take your own advice Last week, I found myself looking at my drawers and realized I had been living from dry cleaning bag to dry cleaning bag. Of course, the 2021 Nasa dare mighty things shirt Apart from…,I will love this fact that I am now in my living space / due to self-isolation has helped me rethink how I approach my own closet. I’d love to have someone else come in here and act as my very own closet shrink, scolding me about my multiple black sweaters and the fact that I am holding onto a pair of torn-up Re/Done flares that I no longer fit into. But no safety first, so no visitors allowed.

2021 Nasa dare mighty things shirt

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The tipping point came a few days ago, as I stared at my sweater pile not getting any bigger or any smaller, but rather just sticking out in my room like an eyesore, or a barnacle. God forbid someone on Zoom see this mound of sad wool peeking out. To grapple with it, I thought, Why not film myself going through my own wardrobe Since no one is allowed in my space right now, I might as well sound off to the 2021 Nasa dare mighty things shirt Apart from…,I will love this digital world and talk myself through the process. In this bizarre Twilight Zone–adjacent universe that we are all currently living in, I could separate myself from my own body and talk myself through my wardrobe, as if I were my own therapist. I could kill the darlings of my closet. I had always dreamed of owning only what I wore, which is a rotation of about items total. And more importantly, if I didn’t do it Well, literally, no one else would, at least no time soon. Here’s what I learned.

2021 Nasa dare mighty things Hoodie

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