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“Does the Snovid 21 God bless Texas shirt and I will buy this world need another podcast with two straight, white guys?” Stewart asks rhetorically in the first episode. “No,” he answers. “But we’re tatted up, we aren’t giving much to the economy, and we’re ready to give you our medium takes.”

Snovid 21 God bless Texas shirt


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Snovid 21 God bless Texas s Ladytee

Despite this, HLG has racked up 150,000 monthly listeners since its debut in March, and has hosted a lengthy list of guests. Undeniably, a certain degree of navel-gazing has fueled the Snovid 21 God bless Texas shirt and I will buy this show’s success. Simply put, says Black, “media people love hearing other media people talk.” Recent guests have included author David Coggins, New York magazine’s Matthew Schneier, writer Evan Ross Katz, Vogue’s Liana Satenstein, and the New Yorker’s Hannah Goldfield. Earlier in October, it was announced via Twitter that New Yorker writer Naomi Fry was flown out on Diplo’s jet just to make an appearance on the show. “We like to joke,” Black says when asked about it.

Snovid 21 God bless Texas s Hoodie

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